S.A.P. Project

After nearly 4 months of planning, our first group of Student Action Program (S.A.P.) students from Technical Thalang College implemented their environmental project at Muang Mai School in Phuket. They held a full day environmental workshop for students age 10-12 to educate them on what they can do to help protect the environment. The 20 S.A.P. students in this group organized 5 different stations along with games, songs, dances, and other activites to engage the younger students in learning about impacts human's have on the environment, global warming, reducing waste, recycling, plastics, buying sustainable products, making lifestyle changes, and much more.

Our second group of S.A.P. students will be holding their Mangrove Planting and Educational Event this Friday inviting over 40 students from Tah Chatchai school to participate in planting over 300 mangrove trees and learn about the importance of mangrove ecosystems.

International Coastal Cleanup at Nai Yang Beach

On September 25th we organized a beach cleanup in partnership with Indigo Pearl Resort for the Ocean Conservancy's 25th Annual International Coastal Cleanup (http://www.oceanconservancy.org/). Close to 300 people joined us for this event, including staff from Indigo Pearl, Adamas Resort and Spa, DEWA, Nai Yang Beach Resort, Home & Life Orphanage, local residents, the local government, the Professor of Aquaculture and Aquatic Resource Management from the Asian Institute of Technology, and our students from Wat Mongkol School.
For this worldwide event, our cleanup participants filled out data cards to record the number and type of trash collected to be sent to the Ocean Conservancy to compile a worldwide report of marine debris. Over 105 trash bags weighing a total of 1250 kg were filled. The day was also marked by a small display created by our students at Wat Mongkol showing artwork made from marine trash showing how 'nurdles' (preproduction plastic pellets) end up in our oceans and beaches and the negative effects these small plastic pellots have on marine life.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this cleanup and we look forward to next years event.

S.A.P. Questionnaires

With the help of Indigo Pearl's Public Relations Manager, Panchan Noimeecharoen and assistant, Jittranuch Ketsrirak, our students from Technical Thalang College have now started to design their questionnaires for interviewing their local community. Our S.A.P. students are learning what the importance of conducting a questionnaire is and how it can help them in developing an environmental project that is beneficial to their community's needs. Panchan also taught our students the different tools and methods they can use to send out media and presented examples of media displays and public notices students can create for their project.

Mangrove Planting

The local government in Thalang, Phuket organized a mangrove restoration project with our students from Wat Mongkol School on August 3rd. Our partner, Indigo Pearl Resort joined in the planting and provided 150 snack boxes for the students and government employees. This was a good activity for the students as we have been teaching them about the different species found in mangrove ecosystems and the important roles each species plays.

Technical Thalang Students

Our Technical Thalang students in the field of Hotel and Tourism learning how life, work, business, and travel is all connected to the environment.

Student Action Program (S.A.P.)

Our first year students at Technical Thalang College have finished our two month environmental education course which in addition to impoving their knowledge about a wide variety of environmental topics, has also improved their teamwork, presentation, and communication skills. We feel these students are now ready to take on their own Student Action Program to promote environmental awareness and change by bringing their community together to help them solve an environmental issue.

At the end of July our students divided up into two teams and selected 2 team leaders, Miss. Nutjaree Songrob and Miss. Chadaporn Ariya-Udomkit, from their class to lead them in researching, designing, and implementing their Student Action Programs in their local community.
Each group of students will receive $500 US funded by Seedlings of Change "Bread for the Soul" mini grant program and Indigo Pearl to implement their project.

Environmental Workshop for Indigo Pearl's Staff

Our first environmental workshop for Indigo Pearl's staff was held on June 25th. The staff participated in group exercises, presentations, and discussions about environmental issues and solutions on how they can improve the environment in their community and at their hotel. We look forward to continuing these workshops weekly for the other employees at Indigo Pearl to build environmental awareness and a stong team of dedicated staff to help us in our efforts to bring environmentally sustainable change to the local community